‘Ron Paul will survive Donald Trump at CPAC’

Here’s a great post from Brent Budowsky at The Hill about the Donald Trump/Ron Paul incident yesterday here at CPAC:

If Ron Paul runs for president I predict there will be three finalists for the Republican nomination. One will be either Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman leading the “credible as president” wing. The second will be someone like Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich or Michele Bachmann leading the “far right and lose in a landslide wing.” The third will be Ron Paul, leading the true libertarian “man of ideas and serious fiscal conservative” wing.

Well before the rooster crows at the beginning of the real 2012 campaign, Donald Trump, who will not want a media examination of certain parts of his business past, will be where he belongs: a cable television personality, while doing business deals with leveraged money.

 Paul will survive the brutal blow of Trump’s scorn at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Paul and Trump stand at completely opposite ends of politics and media. Dr. Paul is the serious man with serious ideas, Mr. Trump the frivolous man of superfluous hype, a media sideshow that tells us more about what is wrong with the media than what is right about our politics.

It is high time the major media give Ron Paul the respect he deserves. Serious people should not equate Ron Paul with Donald Trump, and mark my words about this:

I cannot predict the exact three finalists for the Republican nomination, but if he runs, Paul will be one of them, while Trump at best will be hosting a low-rated show called “Political Apprentice.”

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