Ron Paul’s Impact

Ron Paul seems to be all over the place these days.

There’s an article on him in Politico; turns out other people like his ideas and a number of “Ron Paul-inspired candidates,” most notable Rand Paul and Peter Schiff, are making real headway in polls and fundraising.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin (of all people) is jumping on the critique-the-Fed bandwagon.  The Wall Street Journal reports that her recent speech in Hong Kong “was an echo of fellow Republican and Texas congressman Ron Paul, who has led the charge in Congress to perform an audit of the Federal Reserve with an eye to eventually eliminating it.”

And last but certainly not least, H. R. 1207 has, as we all by now know, gotten a hearing in the House (watch it live on Friday here) while End the Fed debuted high on the New York Times list of bestsellers.  Ron Paul himself will be appearing on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show on Tuesday to discuss the book.

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