Rothbard’s Ways to Promote Libertarian Ideas on Campus

I recently discovered an article by Murray Rothbard online called 101 Ways to Promote Libertarian Ideas (Part I). To my surprise, most are directly about promoting libertarian ideas on campus! Here are a few of my favorite ones. Be on the lookout for Part II!

12. Have you ever recommended a book to your teacher? Why not? He doesn’t hesitate to recommend them to you! Tell him you would like to discuss it with him after he has read it. Flattery will get you everywhere!

14. A libertarian is not a book burner or witch hunter. But he is certainly entitled to know why a political science department ignores individualist anarchism in courses on political theory. Or Austrian economics in courses on economic theory. Or the contributions of Tucker, Warren, Spooner, Nock and Chodorov to American intellectual history. A letter of inquiry to the professor or department involved could change things.

15. Does your student government have a referendum procedure? Make imaginative use of it to spread libertarian ideas. Call for the abolition of the ROTC or compulsory student activity fees.

27. If a guest lecturer is distinctly anti-libertarian, a socialist or behavioralist, for instance, study his published opinions beforehand, and prepare questions for him that will reveal the implications of his errors to the audience.

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