Rothbard’s Ways to Promote Liberty on Campus (Part II)

Time for Part 2 of Rothbard’s Ways to Promote Libertarian Ideas — on campus! (Here is the link to part 1.) There are supposed to be 101 ways, but all I can find online are parts 1 and 2, which go up to #35.  Sorry folks, only a few of the remaining ones are still relevant — but check the rest out anyway. Oh well, we can come up with well over 66 more ways ourselves!  Here are just a few:

30. Hold a Libertarian Festival — a “teach-in” on libertarian views on a dozen subjects.

31. Is your university giving an honorary degree to a prominent politician, soldier, or corporation executive? Prepare a research profile on his career from a libertarian perspective. To what extent has he contributed to the preservation and extension of liberty? Or has he used politicial power to restrict, destroy or subvert freedom? Has he plundered the taxpayers to enhance the profits of his corporation? Has he used state-power to avoid the risks of the free market? Has he supported violations of international laws on human rights? Publish your report. Petition for an alternate to be honoured with a degree.

33. Interested in radio? Use the college radio station for libertarian propaganda. Start an interview show, a telephone listener response program. Or offer to broadcast one of the taped series of lectures by Murray Rothbard and others in the liberty movement.

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