Roundup 11/09/2009

  • Barack Obama expects to impose “health care” on all of his subjects by the end of the year.

  • This is particularily tyrannical considering that the majority of Americans don’t even support the plan anymore.

  • Creepy Joe Lieberman is trying to amp up fear over the tragic Ft. Hood murders. But before lecturing the Imperial Army on its “safety” policies, I’d hope Lieberman wipes at least a bit of the innocent blood off his own hands.

  • Some “power players” are predicting that the dollar will have a short run boom — especially over the next week.

  • The boss of state-friendly Goldman Sachs is claiming big  bankstas do “god’s work.”

  • And finally, on a lighter — but still a little creepy — note, some Congressmen got feisty over the World Series yesterday.

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