RUSH week for Poli-Sci students

During the first couple weeks of school, all the political science related clubs at Sacramento State University hold a RUSH event specifically targeted to poli-sci students. The idea is to introduce the various clubs present on campus that are involved in politics. Our YAL chapter had some tough competition. There were College Democrats, College Republicans, and several public policy related clubs present, but we were still able to stand out.

We had our Constitutions, flyers, and the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz.” Our table was colorful, diverse, and very attractive. Several students passing by told us that we had the best table. Everyone was very interested in taking the Quiz and plotting themselves on the political spectrum. Many students asked what our club is about and what our philosophy is. We had quite a few sign-ups and a great time. A solid showing for our growing YAL chapter at Sac State.

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