Rutgers Free Speech Wall: NOT in a Free Speech Zone

Last Friday, September 19, we had a Free Speech Wall at Rutgers. Holding any political event (especially a liberty one) is always interesting here. With your average professor critical of the President from the Left and your average student an Obama supporter, the Rutgers community always has wonderful input on any pro-liberty event. But what makes you really stand out is when you do a Free Speech Wall during Constitution Week next to a union rally. A union rally of professors — you know, the people I pay to teach me!

Oh, New Jersey, how typical.

Set up

Sure enough, they tried to call the cops on me. After some time, an employee from the student center approached our wall of pure American freedom. As she questioned my apparent lack of registration, I couldn’t help but find the ironic humor in the situation. YAL, as a liberty group, during Constitution Week, holding a free speech event, was told that what we were doing was against policy. “You have got to be kidding me,” I thought.

Needless to say, the employee may have never called the authorities on me because she noticed my colleague recording her explicitly telling me to relocate to College Avenue’s “free speech zone.” When explaining where this zone was, she pointed to an area literally 20 yards away across the street. How government of them.

Doing work

Regardless of the interaction I had with that poor Rutgers employee (bless her soul), we still pulled through successfully. We had Constitutions, we had flyers. and we had a PUPPY. People loved us. We prompted folks with the questions, “What does freedom mean to you?” and “Where were you on 9/11?”

This coming Tuesday, we have a meeting in which we will discuss our Free Speech Wall debacle. Our signups at the meeting were solid, and I have a bunch of friends I know that are now personally interested in liberty. Now that my fellow Scarlet Knights are getting a taste of freedom, their appetite for liberty is on the rise!

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