Rutgers Involvement Fair Brings in Patriotic Scarlet Knights


This past Friday, in the brutal post-Labor Day sun of New Jersey, we championed liberty. Nested between the College Republicans and College Democrats, the Rutgers University Young Americans for Liberty attracted many of my fellow Scarlet Knights at the Student Involvement Fair. The university isn’t exactly “liberty-inclined” if you catch my drift. Therefore, this is the most important place for YAL to be active.

In gathering about 100 contacts throughout the day, we met a diverse body of patriots. From libertarians and republicans, to democrats and even a socialist here and there, YAL Rutgers had people genuinely curious if they supported liberty. We had people smiling all day, asking them, “do you even liberty, bro?”

Only encountering a handful of involvement fair trolls, we were greeted by many who were thirsty for freedom. Some of them simply followed the “Thirsty for freedom? Free Water!” chalked onto the sidewalk. Yet most were legitimately ecstatic for libertarian representation on a campus known for its radically left tendencies. I would warn when the libertarians arrived, “but don’t worry, we don’t believe in hand outs!”

Then as the afternoon came to a close and a couple of rain drops fell to College Avenue, we stood strong until after many groups had already packed up and left. This opened up time for more intimate encounters with passersby since the foot traffic had died out. Among the most interested sign-ups I met during this last hour was a lady from France – disgusted by her own government – who had been searching for a libertarian group all day. This connection was one of several that day with international students, but they all had one thing in common: A desire for liberty.

After a day of sunburn and experiencing our YAL chapter thrive, I was happy that night. I have spent many evenings at Rutgers wondering why the Marxists dominate the conversation. Since this past Friday, I am glad to report that there is still hope for liberty at a historic university such as Rutgers. Founded in the colonial era of free thought as Old Queens College, today the university is the epitome of “liberal academia.” This can change. Students want this to change.

One day the next Mercatus Center will be right here in New Brunswick, NJ!

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