Rutgers YAL’s Membership Drive

On September 4, Young Americans for Liberty at Rutgers had a table at the Fall Involvement Fair. Our table was filled with pocket Constitutions, literature about various libertarian issues such as drug reform and critiques of the Federal Reserve. Throughout the day, we were approached by a wide variety of students, ranging from leftists who were interested in what our club was doing, hard-core Ron Paul fans, and moderates who weren’t familiar with libertarianism but wanted to learn more. Our table was a massive hit – at the end of the day, we had 144 sign-ups! We also had a packed room for our first meeting of the semester on September 14.

We’re looking forward to hosting speakers and more activism events in the future, so rest assured that our members will be busy this semester. I’ve become already become friends with some of the people who signed up and I’m very excited for the year ahead!

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