S4L Nominates YAL for Event of the Year

Two YAL chapter events have been nominated by Students for Liberty for their 2010 Liberty Awards.  Check out the descriptions below, and click through on the link above to see the competition!

University of New HampshireUH Revolution Week: Young Americans for Liberty

Remember, remember, the 5th of November.  The week of November 5th was the 1st annual UNH Revolution Week, hosted by Young Americans for Liberty.  Every day from November 2nd through November 6th, they held a pro-liberty event open to the campus community.  On Monday they screened “America: Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo.  On Wednesday they screened “Why We Fight”.  On Thursday they held an anti-war protest followed by a screening of “V for Vendetta”.  Then on Friday they hosted the New York Times best-selling author Tom Woods.  To close out the week they attended the 2009 Northeast Students for Liberty Conference at Harvard University

Wake Forest University: Young Americans for Liberty

At the end of the last election cycle, no one was quite sure what would happen to Ron Paul.  He had built a huge following during his primary campaign, but would that momentum continue without an election to rally support?  The Wake Forest Young Americans For Liberty set out to make sure the Ron Paul movement stayed strong on campus.  The Wake Forest YAL was the first campus group to host Ron Paul after his presidential campaign, thus beginning the transition from the presidential campaign to the Campaign For Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty grassroots initiative.  They did a fantastic job marketing the event.  On the big night, the line to get in stretched across the quad.  The event attracted over 1,300 students at a school of 6,800 and filled the largest auditorium on campus.

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