Sacramento State’s first week of tabling!

We got our chapter back on track and started tabling last week. We began by collecting a bunch of YAL Constitutions and handing them out to all sorts of people!

Making it simple with our electronic “Worlds Smallest Political Quiz,” students were able to see their results quickly and easily. A majority of those taking the quiz were very surprised as to where they were landing on the political spectrum, but all of them walked away with smiles on their faces.

Discussing Liberty

The Constitution Week supplies greatly helped. The club was able to pass out lots of Constitutions to interested students as they walked to their next classes. Having a table in the heart of the school gets you plenty of foot traffic in between classes, perfect for recruiting new members to the club! The sight of Constitutions all over the table caught peoples’ eye as they walked by. 

Tabling for Liberty

It was a great first week!

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