Saint Anselm College: “Can We Take a Joke” Screening

On Thursday, April 22nd the YAL chapter at Saint Anselm College launched its first ever event with the screening of “Can We Take a Joke.” The turnout was more than we could have anticipated with 11 students showing up and staying for the discussion after the movie. We wanted to bring awareness to students on the importance of free speech on college campuses.
The conversation after the movie was great. It was so great to see fellow students having a lively conversation about free speech on college campuses. In the news media our voice is often not heard so it was excellent to finally give students an avenue to express their own opinions on the matter.

This event has given the brand new Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Saint Anselm College a giant boost in raising awareness to these affronts to our liberty. We at Saint Anselm hope to expand our chapter and spread our message to all of the liberty conscious students here on campus
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