Saint Joseph’s University celebrates Constitution Day!

Constitution Day is one of the most important days dedicated to the creation and formation of the United States of America. Thirty-nine educated men came together on September 17, 1787 at the Constitutional Convention to sign one of the most important documents in American history.  In order to commemorate this influential day, the chapter at Saint Joseph’s University took initiative to inform people of this significant day by handing out pocket Constitutions, provided to us from the Leadership Institute.  While enlightening students about the importance of freedom and forming great connections with potential members, our group also took the time to sit on a panel to discuss this very important day.


The seminar consisted of 5 panelists that were asked to talk about the Constitution and the formation that led to the greatest document of this country. The panel was an informative one which outlined the very essence of the Constitution and how it effects politics and the system citizens see today.  While the event went very successfully and we handed out 100 Constitutions, our chapter encountered some push back from the school. As shown in our pictures, a Public Safety Officer stopped us during our distribution of the Constitutions and took down all of our information.  This only previews the kind of disregard the chapter might experience as our message and support grows here at SJU.

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