Saint Peter’s College YAL Hosts Showing of “Can We Take a Joke?”

Tuesday night, the Saint Peter’s chapter of Young Americans For Liberty showed the documentary “Can We Take A Joke?” A comedic documentary that addresses the suppression of free speech in America through things like safe spaces and free speech zones, to a small audience. 
Despite our small university and its strict rules we still held a private showing that consisted of eight individuals with different political opinions. Regardless of our opposing viewpoints, nearly everyone in the room, even those not necessarily fond of libertarian ideology, said that watching this documentary really opened their eyes to the suppression of free speech caused by politically correct culture on college campuses. 

SPU YAL watching Can We Take A Joke?
We only had one person who got up and walked out at the end of the documentary without engaging in our discussion, and even then it was quite respectful. Our first official event was a success. In the future, we plan on doing another screening only larger and more publicized viewing for people on our campus.
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