Saint Peter’s YAL Gets a Table at the 2016 Involvement Fair

Today, Saint Peter’s University hosted its annual Involvement Fair. Many departments and organizations get to table there as well. Our Young Americans For Liberty Chapter, which has faced a lot of challenges in its formation so far, was at last approved by Student Senate yesterday. What better way to celebrate our official university status than to take part in the largest campus-wide recruitment event of the year?!

My Social Media Coordinator, Ryan Cramer, and I got our table right next to the College Republicans. We have a friendly working relationship with the campus CRs. Our chapter managed to get almost two full pages of sign ups — a total of 29 sign unique individuals! A very popular thing at our table was the political quiz, and many people were shocked to find that rather than being Republican or Democrat, they were more centrist, leaning libertarian, or even landed on Ron Paul himself! People also enjoyed the chart that showed YAL’s views as opposed to the status quo. We also handed out YAL copies of the Constitution and the “How to Deal With Police” cards.

This is just the beginning for our YAL chapter, and I’m so excited to spread the message of liberty here at Saint Peter’s University.


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