Salem College YAL Kicks off the Year with a Liberty-Filled Semester

This semester has started off big for the Salem College YAL Chapter.  Since the beginning of the year, we have welcomed the Class of 2017 and grown as a chapter by more than 40 new sign-ups from the Campus Activities Fair and tabling with great resources like the Operation Politically Homeless Kit. 



This year our focus has been primarily to grow as a chapter and to become more structured in our purpose as a chapter. We have also been working with the College Democrats, College Republicans, and the Student Activist Movement groups to work for a voter registration drive on campus. While we hit a few bumps in the road for our activism event this month, we were able to successfully hold two general meetings and promote awareness of Constitution Day. As a chapter we also teamed up with the College Dems to plan an event to raise awareness of the crisis in Syria. Unfortunately, due to issues in planning and communication, that event did not ultimately occur. However, we were able to open a dialogue between and within our groups on campus and raise awareness of the issue at hand.  

Constitution Day

We look forward to the rest of this semester and learning from our mistakes to create better future activism events for our members as well as utilizing the new avenues we have opened up between the political groups on campus!

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