Santa Ana College YAL Chapter is ready for 2016!

We are on the processing of finalizing everything in order to be both an official chapter, as well as for obtaining official school recognition. We’ve managed to find some members, as well as a school faculty teacher, who while not necessarily substantially liberty minded, is nonetheless interested in joining our group, which is necessary for obtaining school recognition.

Free Society

I greatly hope that once we get finalized with everything regarding the new chapter at Santa Ana College, that we can start right away and be able to promote the issues of liberty, as well as interesting discussions regarding the nature of liberty with an emphasize on current affairs and how they relate to the movement, and lastly to each one of us. In order to have a successful first semester at Santa Ana College I am planning on having interesting discussions at our meetings which will help spark interest and discussions on our meetings.

Some of the topics that I plan on bringing up for discussion within the next semester at Santa Ana College includes addressing current foreign affair issues, such as why we should guard against being a “police state,” as well as addressing the morality and ethics of war. I also plan on touching the issues of why police brutality is bad, including how it hurts a free society, as well as how it only helps to undermine authentic authority. We will also discuss the principles of subsidiarity and why decentralization is practical. I plan on also bringing up discussions in regards to the nature of the market, and how to lead up to a “truly free market” with discussions on both distributism and the market in general. There are other topics that I am looking forward to discuss in our meetings.

In the midst of this it should be noted that these meetings and these discussions are not merely intended to have these discussions for their sake alone, but rather so that these topics and discussions will help formulate and educate individuals on the principles of a free society and how it is beneficial for the common good of society as a whole.

May the upcoming semester at Santa Ana College be a powerful yet effective means by which to bring towards a truly free society!

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