Santa Fe College’s chapter ramps up its recruiting efforts

Last Wednesday, the Santa Fe College YAL chapter had their first tabling session after getting back from Spring Break. After a slow start to the semester, as chapter president I had a very successful tabling session during the midweek.

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Our table, despite being nestled outside of a larger event the school was hosting, garnered a fair amount of attention and they had a multitude of interested students. While manning the table, I talked to students and staff alike about many different issues, and many students found that they were more libertarian than they thought.

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The YAL political quiz was out in full force, and many students found themselves on the libertarian end of the spectrum. A total of 30 quizzes were taken and 22 of them placed in the libertarian part of the graph, with the rest scattered across the board. Even then, many of the people who fell farther across board still found areas where they agreed with either YAL’s or my philosophy on government.

It bodes well for Santa Fe’s chapter, as we ramp up our activism efforts in anticipation of Incarceration Nation, and our speaking event with the Future of Freedom Foundation this Wednesday. Santa Fe, throughout it’s history, has proven itself to be open to libertarian ideals, and these tabling efforts prove it. 

For liberty!

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