Saving Free Speech on Campus

At UCCS we have a free speech zone. There is one square on the entire campus where anyone can gather and speak freely. It’s an absolute violation of the 1st Amendment and is an insult to us as students who seek growth and knowledge. College is a place to be challenged with a constant free flow of ideas and opinions. So because of this school policy, our chapter set out to talk to students and create awareness.

We blew up a giant, 9-foot tall beach ball and rolled it around campus, giving people sharpies to write anything they wanted on it. It was an overwhelming success, bringing in a constant barrage of students. We talked to a ton of students and not one person said they opposed the 1st Amendment applying to the entire campus. Most students didn’t even know we had a free speech zone and were very surprised when we told them. 

After rolling around for three hours, we accrued a little over 250 signatures. The next day, some members went to a student government public forum and spoke in support of a free speech bill the student senators were going to vote on. The bill itself was tabled, but now the chapter president is teaming up with two student senators to write a new bill. Soon the 1st Amendment will apply to all of UCCS, vastly improving the state of freedom on campus and the ability for students to learn. 

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