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I recently put up a post on the YAL site here that explained the easy and effective method of utilizing opinion sections for campus activism. I wanted to add a bit of information to that post by saying that, to take the idea further, getting involved with your campus newspaper is likely the next best step.

One of Wake Forest’s YAL members Elliot Engstrom is doing a great job of blogging for the school newspaper, relaying the message, getting other members to write opinion articles for the paper, and showing the campus that YAL will not be going anywhere anytime soon; in fact, we’re hear to stay!

Today, Elliot posted a blog that compiled the work of the chapter throughout the semester in the opinion section of the paper. If you are organizing an opinion section campaign at your campus through your school paper, consider compiling the articles and showing your campus your strong presence.

I decided it was about time I compiled all of the pro-liberty/anti-statist editorials that have been printed in the Old Gold & Black this semester.  Here they are, from latest to earliest.

Read the rest of Elliot’s post and others by YAL members in the Old Gold & Black here.

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