School Voucher Program Could “Wipe out” CA’s Deficit

From the California Independent Voter Network:

What if California could fix its enormous budget deficit with a single policy change that would potentially cut billions out of the state budget without sacrificing the quality of services that Californians receive?

What if five years from now, without any reductions in the quality of health, housing, education, law enforcement, human services, or transportation- California was actually running a budget surplus?

As the Legislature misses yet another Constitutionally-mandated spending deadline today, the Los Angeles Times reports that both gubernatorial candidates have little more than criticism to offer:

But neither gubernatorial nominee has stepped forward with anything that resembles a roadmap to closing the state’s $19.1-billion deficit. No strategy for bringing the state into the black nor a detailed plan of what social programs need to be dismantled, parks need to be closed or school programs need to be eliminated has come out of either campaign.

Meanwhile, Democratic political analyst Darry Sragow opines:

“The budget is a lose-lose for the candidates. Nobody wins. The discussion is, ‘Do you want to lose your left arm or your right arm?’ It is not a discussion you want to have with the patient when you are trying to get them to hire you.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way. California’s voters do not have to lose their metaphorical right or left arm to solve the budget crisis.

There is a potentially simple and relatively pain-free policy solution out there- one that will actually improve what residents get out of their state, instead of requiring them to lose out on something.  That potential solution is a statewide educational voucher program.

To get the facts and figures that support this claim, read the rest of the article here.

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