SCSU Celebrates Constitution Day

The night before Constitution Day, YAL at Saint Cloud State University held a flier blitz and a  social so members could get to know one another better. It was extremely productive and, more importantly, a lot of fun. I don’t have the file for the fliers, but our newly appointed graphic designer, Alyssa Hertig, made an awesome graphic.


Constitution Day:  Celebrate what the government can’t do to you!  And what better way to celebrate other than Liberty Pong? Along with the pong, we had 11 members going around the Atwood Memorial Mall area (busiest part of campus) handing out Constitutions. It was awesome having that much member support. Together we were able to get 17 people to sign up. We even had to start limiting the amount of Constitutions we were handing out because we were going through the box so fast.

Check out more pics of the social and the event itself below.

YAL Social









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