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This year’s Constitution Week at St. Cloud State was very successful.  A lot of our members have been big supporters of the second amendment and have organized a shooting trip in the next week down to a former YAL member’s farm to learn gun safety and practice shooting.  This earned us an interview with the St. Cloud State University news station.

They interviewed me for over a half hour and picked the part where I stumbled on the purpose of the Second Amendment, so please enjoy at my expense.  

As you can see the caliber of our student news organization is not the best, since he advocated for a compromise, and did not even mention Young Americans for Liberty’s name in the audio.

However, the rest of the day went great!  We got many new sign-ups and a lot more people interested in our shooting event. To lure people to the table, we had candy, and invited people to join us on our trip.  Lot’s of students interest peaked at the idea of shooting a gun for the first time, let alone the AR-15s and high powered rifles we’ll have at the event.  

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Whenever we do a table, we always hold a meeting the night of as well even if it is not our regular meeting day. We do this because we’ve found that its one of the best ways to close a new recruit. At the meeting we all introduced ourselves and talked about our group’s beliefs and found that most agreed with nearly everything we said! 

Most everyone we talked to during the day was pretty supportive of the Constitution. It was a very good day, and netted us another 10 new recruits (see the top photo).

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