SCSU Recruitment Week… Success!

For recruitment week this semester our chapter at SCSU in Minnesota decided to give Presidents Bush and Obama a little heat.  We wanted to show students how similair the two Presidents are, and did so by comparing their major policy stances right next to each other.  

Making the boards

We tabled in the most frequented building on campus in order to reach more students, and it was a pretty succesful day.  We had 18 students sign up and have managed to add some new members to the group.  

In order to attract students to the table we had a trivia game for them to play.  You had to guess three of the same top campaign contributers to each of their campaigns and you won candy.  Needless to say we gave away a lot of candy that day.  

We were also fotunate enough to be placed next to another student group called Students for a Sensible Drug policy (SSDP).  They were very talkative and we signed up for each other’s email lists and made plans to do a future “Know your rights” event in the near future.  One of their members has become a pretty consistent attendee of our meetings.  

Saint Cloud State’s YAL chapter is off to an excellent start!


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