Secession — An idea whose time has come?

Bonnie, there’s a reason that the media and mainstream politicos react only with personal attacks (“crazy,” “racist,” etc.) to the All-American idea of secession: because there are no logical arguments against the prospect.

Secession would make the US and the world a much better place. This libertarian principle would mean decentralization, far less crazed nationalism, an end to the empire, and (even if a welfare state persists) a MUCH SMALLER overall government with less bureaucrats.

The only way secession could possibly be a long-run negative is if the national state declared war or banned the right of its citizens to engage in free trade and travel with the people of seceding states. Since these are plausible (and horrific) possibilities, they need to be heavily prioritized by any secessionist movement. That said, I do believe secession is an idea whose time will come within our lifetimes.

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