Secession and the State of Jefferson

Recently, Nathan-Fox Helser, a blogger at the Wake Forest University student newspaper, wrote about the right of secession in America and a current movement in California and Oregon to create a new state, called Jefferson.  Fox-Helser first sums up the right of secession as a truly liberal idea:

While I’m pretty aware that most of these so-called “Liberals” that claim to understand their political philosophy would disagree with what I’m about to say, the right of secession is one of the greatest ideals to emerge from the wealth of great liberal minds.  A long list of liberal political philosophers have touted this idea as something that is essential to the fight for better enforcement of human rights.  Sometimes termed as self-determination (especially in the international sphere), secession is predicated on the idea that all unique cultures have a right to cultural autonomy, and by allowing these groups to secede they are better able to address their specific cultural needs while preserving the unique qualities of their culture.

Fox-Helser commented on a group of individuals in northern California and southern Oregon who are attempting to found a new state, which they wish to name after one of the greatest proponents of secession, Thomas Jefferson.  Fox-Helser writes:

And in honor of Thomas Jefferson a new sovereignty movement has been burgeoning on the west coast.  Locals in northern California and southern Oregon are pushing for a new state appropriately named, “Jefferson.”  As claimed in the video, the inhabitants of these areas are culturally and economically distinct, and these differences in beliefs and needs have caused locals to pursue a political movement that would guarantee that their needs are met by their own state government.

To learn more about this movement, check out the video below.

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