Second Amendment Inter-club Debate at Brigham Young University

At the beginning of April, our YAL chapter helped organize and host the second event in a new on going series of inter-club debates on our campus at Brigham Young University. The topic of the evening was the Second Amendment. The College Democrats were arguing the motion that the second amendment was outdated and out of touch, and if it can’t be abolished, it needs revision. Our club joined with the College Republicans in defending the rights and liberties of American citizens to defend themselves; whether that be from home invasion or a tyrannical government. As part of the discourse, we explored the options available to increase safety in this country while preserving the rights, and explained why we view certain policy solutions to be both invasive and encroaching. By the end of the evening several attendees approached us to let us know that while they were originally on the fence over the issue, our arguments persuaded them that many proposed gun regulations would do more harm than good. In total, there were 60+ people in attendance. Definitely a win for spreading the ideas of liberty!

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