Second Semester Student Org Fair at University of North Carolina Charlotte

On Wednesday, January 10, UNC Charlotte hosted its Student Org Showcase, which is an event that occurs every semester in which all the organizations at UNC Charlotte can educate students about the clubs and opportunities available. Our table at the showcase included “pot” brownies, pocket Constitutions, pins, and bumper stickers. We also had a Ron Swanson poster, because no event is complete without Ron Swanson. We used this opportunity to generate awareness for our organization and spread the message of liberty to students who may be interested.

During the Student Org Showcase we got the opportunity to tell transfer students and students looking for new clubs to join about why we value liberty and how we work to make an impact in the community at UNCC. We approached many students about our cause and explained the basics of our beliefs and what liberty means on college campuses and in politics in general. Several of the students we spoke to from various political perspectives came to the meeting that night. The importance of this event was to get college students thinking about liberty and offer opportunities to get involved on campus.


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