Second Speech Ball for Western Carolina University

On Thursday, November 3rd, YAL conducted its second speech ball event at Western Carolina University. I had some terrific help from an alumni adviser, two wonderful young ladies from TPUSA, and some of the members of YAL on WCU’s campus. 

The event went very well. No administrator tried to stop us, and there were some administrators that were very interested in what we were doing. This event, however, had one grand purpose: to reform a certain part of Campus Policy 82, which states that there cannot be a group of eight or more people within 50 feet of a building, or within 50 feet of another group of eight people. This is a very unreasonable rule, not to mention unenforceable, and lucky for us, it is not actively enforced. Since it is not enforced, our message is simple: “Reform it!” In terms of the reform petition, we got approximately 4% of campus on board, which is roughly 1 in 25. On top of that, I forgot to mention that we actually had two speech balls, rather than one.

I was very impressed with how the event was carried out. I am extremely proud of my team, and I would be absolutely nothing without them. They continue to help me every bit of the way, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for YAL at Western Carolina University.

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