Second Spring Recruitment Drive at Temple University

On Wednesday, Temple’s YAL chapter held a second Spring Recruitment Drive outside of the student center. We had a poster that said, “What Should Be Legal to Sell?” People could vote on whether they believed that hand guns, marijuana, fireworks, tobacco, and sex should be legal or illegal.

Several people came over to vote and ask about what the club was about. I was surprised to learn that there were a lot of students who voted yes for most of the things. Also, I was surprised to learn how many people didn’t know how to make a tally mark!

Hopefully it will start to warm up so that we can hold more events outside since that seems to be the best place on campus. When we held an event inside, there didn’t seem to be a lot of people walking by. I’m happy to see how many students are interested in the club and I’m looking forward to hosting more fun events!

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