See Old Glory, look the other way…

This is a particular brand of stupidity that makes me despair of the American people more than almost anything else:  The typical American today is a sheep. Where his government leads he will follow. Those that hide behind their flag and support a corrupt system, while calling themselves “patriots” are nothing more than cowards who will never stand up or call out their leaders though those leaders trample on their rights until they have none left.

This is the most dangerous thing for America. This is worse than apathy. When a government knows that their people will follow blindly if they scare them with phrases like “9/11” or “terrorism,” it will do whatever it wants. The people have been silent for too long and set a precedent for the government to ignore their rights and worse than that, they are enabling it.

By continuing to fly the flag and advocate that whatever America does is morally and politically righteous, we become hated around the world. They don’t hate us for our wealth or freedom (both of which are in short supply lately); we are hated because our government does whatever it wants, wherever it wants, whenever it wants, calling itself a “liberator” or “savior” and we do nothing to stop it. 

All these “patriots” who enable our power-hungry, blood thirsty leaders, beware. You are not saving your country nor are you keeping your children safe. You are allowing these heinous crimes to play out on your watch. This is not patriotism.

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