Self Defense Rights come to IUK

On Tuesday, November 20th, YAL at Indiana University Kokomo hosted the Your Life, Your Right event.

This event was very engaging, interesting, and was ultimately a great way to approach the often contentious issue of self defense on college campuses.

Our group decided to go with the “Dodgeball-free Zone” variation of this event, because we felt that this was the most engaging way of presenting our viewpoint on this issue.

The setup was fairly simple, as the hardest part was finding a room that was appropriate for a game of dodgeball. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t select a room with breakable items in it, but be sure that you take some extra time to talk with student activities in order to ensure that the event goes smoothly and no one ends up breaking something with their dodgeball.

Also, ensure that the dodgeballs that you order are not too large or thick skinned, as this can cause issues if students decide to throw the balls as hard as they can.

Once the materials were ordered, the next step is to start promoting. Sending press releases to the local media as well as your school newspaper is a great place to start. Couple that with bright, colorful fliers and word of mouth promotion and you should have a solid turnout.

Executing the event is the fun part, as you get to play dodgeball and educate students about their self defense rights. I recommend getting a small team made up of chapter members for the first few games, at least until people start to understand exactly what their role is.

Remember not to debate at the event. If people have issues, tell them that there will be plenty of time for discussion at the follow up meeting.

If you follow the instructions given with the event description,you should execute a great event and educate many students about the value of self defense rights.

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