Selling Liberty at University of Wisconsin Green Bay!!!

On September 16, at our biannual school event, Orgsmorg, we asked students what we should and shouldn’t be allowed to sell.

YAL volunteers

Our survey poster caught peoples eyes, as we asked whether it should be legal to sell things such as weed or your body. Overall it got a huge turn out and we ended up having over 60 signups, which resulted in our largest turnout ever for a YAL meeting with 17 attendees, and many more who were not able to attend, but will show up in the future.

Getting the signups

Recruitment Supplies

The event not only showed how liberty minded people actually are, but also gave some surprising results. Overall the least supported item for sale was cocaine, while the most supported was surprisingly guns. In fact guns got less “no’s” then marijuana.

Should We Sell It Board

Overall our YAL group succeeded in selling liberty to fellow students, and have shown that students regardless of party affiliation support liberty to some degree. We are excited for this semester and are encouraged with the growing culture of liberty at our university.

Recruitment Drive

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