Semester at SHU

Over the course of the last semester, our primary focus at Seton Hall has been on getting the University to re-recognize us. Our registration had previously been recognized, but that recognition had ceased. Our goal was to get the university to recognize us as a club so that we may hold events in the future. We did so by appointing new, fresh blood to our E-Board and revamping our marketing approach, which has been led by our newly-appointed Director of Marketing.

Additionally, we have aggressively promoted our club via social media in the New York and New Jersey media markets. We have also met with several student government and university officials to ensure full compliance with university bylaws during the club activation process. As of early December, we officially became recognized by the University. Now we can recruit, hold events, and host rallies. Thus, we look forward to participating in the activities of the greater YAL community this semester!

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