SEMO YAL takes the Fall 2015 Student Involvement fair!

The YAL chapter at Southeast Missouri State University saw new faces, old friends, and a rush of students eager to get involved at the Student Activities Fair on the first day of school. Between having been told that we seemed to be the “most organized and active student group” at the fair by one student, and being one of only 3 groups to have a club representative speak in front of the fair, SEMO started their first year as an officially recognized group off on a strong note.

Chapter President Nathan Carrington speaking to fellow students

The YAL political quiz appeared to be the crowd favorite, and for good reason. Nearly every person who visited the table expressed some form of concern that they did not know enough about politics to be involved in something like YAL, which became a great chance for us to help them understand their own ideology better. Almost everyone who took the quiz ended up signing their names on to the email list, and leaving with a confident smile on their face. This greatly encouraged our confidence in the difference that our chapter will make on campus this year!

Our Table!

 Our meeting saw a group of anything but apathetic students, with the conversation and engagement to stand behind it. “What is Liberty?” with Nigel Ashford captivated the attention in the room, and Chapter President Nathan Carrington spoke with them about numerous benefits of working with partner organization such as FIRE.
Our Meeting

I had the honor of speaking as the Recruitment Director/Treasurer for SEMO YAL, as well as the YAL MO State Chair

I also discussed Students for Liberty, and reached out to the attendees about the Midwest Regional Conference in Chicago on October 24th at Loyola University. Finally, we announced the social that was set to happen later that night.

Having such an engaged group of students in attendance left our Chapter Executive Board feeling optimistic about the rest of the semester, and the events yet to come. Southeast Missouri State University will undoubtedly feel a presence of liberty this year! 

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