Senators attempt to water down “Audit the Fed” with new bill

We all expected this day to come. Senators Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Bob Corker of Tennessee introduced their bill yesterday called ” The Federal Reserve Accountability Act.” 

Has a nice sound to it right? The bill is an attempt to get Congress to settle on a less powerful, more watered down version of “Audit the Fed.” The bill introduced yesterday would not audit the Fed’s inflationary powers and agreements with foreign banks. It would only provide a limitied audit of the TARP bailout, among others, allowing the people to know who their money has gone to.

However, the catch is that the names of the firms and institutions who received the TARP money would not be released until one year after the “emergency” program has ended. By that time most Americans will have moved on to a bigger issue created by the government. This bill is a way to compromise with the Fed and quiet those of us who want a FULL Audit! Do not let this slide! We can not except this. Call your senators and representatives who have co-sponsored the Audit the Fed bill and ask them not to step down, to stay true to who they are!

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