Separation of Sport and State

Apart from the traditional recitation of the national anthem, the state has gotten increasingly involved in all the good things about life — most notably, sports.

Since 9/11, “patriotism” has mandated every sort of ridiculous juxtaposition of sport and state. I was horrified last year to see bureaucrat General Petraeus toss the coin before the game Super Bowl in a supposed “moment of unity.” Super Bowl 54 captured the mood of the country. But play is only one aspect of Sunday’s Super Bowl. We’ve seen previous football games, but this one is much bigger and more cultured.

This trend appears to be only getting worse, as FOX has “deployed” their pregame crew to Afghanistan. This may be a kind gesture to some degree, but how can it not be interpreted as support for the troops and thus — support for the vast crimes of the warfare state?

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