SFL Focus Series on Ballot Initiatives

The ballot process is a culmination of the democratic process and a method that can be used to advance liberty. From the many proposals that seek to change the criminal justice laws to a proposal to lower the drinking age, libertarian issues can be advanced through ballot initiatives. Even though the ballot process can be used to advance liberty it can also be used against it.
A proposal to increase firearms regulation in a state that already has excessive restrictions on firearms is in the process of going on the ballot in California while a proposal to raise the minimum wage is also making rounds. The key to all of this is understanding the particular proposals and how they fit into a freer world. From this point, attendees can get a better footing for their decision to vote for or against each proposal. Breakfast will be provided, as well as a post-conference lunch. The conference will be hosted at California State University Dominguez Hills in Carson, California near the Los Angeles area. 
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