SFSU YAL: First Recruitment Drive

It was an exciting time at our first recruiting drive here at San Francisco State University. It has always been a personal pleasure of mine standing at a table draped with a Gadsden Flag (hilariously, soon to be recognized as a hate symbol), along with a scatter of literature promoting freedom, in one of the most leftist universities in the country. From my experiences tabling in the past, my group and I have either received dirty looks or have encountered some entertaining accusations of being racist, sexist, and homophobic (the usual insults you would get in this kind of environment for not conforming to the leftist ideology) even during the time when our current president was African-American.

That being said, whilst tabling with Julia Di Bernardo, Nicole Sanders, and Nathan Fatal, all of whom were excellent reps and quite entertaining as well, I began to see an amazing shift. After a phone call with my Vice President, he also made note of it. More and more people came up to our table open for discussion. Many people came up out of curiosity, especially a lot of exchange students. Our chapter has always been popular with the international community on campus, and we have had a few international student members join our chapter as well. I heard everything from concerns regarding the upcoming elections to people who aren’t sure about their political stances, and just simply wanted to know more about the Liberty movement. I have high hopes for this year.



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