Shane Krauser speaks to packed audience at Glendale Community College YAL

As a part of Glendale Community College’s final semester meeting, our club decided to host guest speaker Shane Krauser of the American Academy for Constitutional Education to speak on the topic of taking an offensive posture against the federal government, and returning it to the principles that our founders put into the Constitution.

Thanks to a flyer, Facebook, email and tabling campaign we were able to get a packed room of nearly 40 students and faculty members to hear what Mr. Krauser had to say, and also to sign up and learn more about our club.



Shane Krauser brought an energetic approach to informing students about their Constitutional rights, and varying perspectives on the interpretation of the Constitution were able to be discussed as well.

Overall, this was one of the best semesters for the Glendale Community College YAL chapter yet, and we already have big plans for the Fall semester as well!

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