Share the Constitution at University of Alabama

Last Week, January 30th to February 2nd, our chapter of Young Americans for Liberty held our Share the Constitution event. It was an event spanning 4 consecutive days, which we figured was a great way to get out and educate our student body. We stood on our quad from 12:30-1:30, which are the busiest hours of the day.

Harriet Deason, a member of university staff, stopped by to tell us we violated university policy by not getting a grounds use permit and also said “we aren’t asking you to leave, but you are violating university policy”. I was very happy to not only provide a pocket constitution to Bill Battle, the retired athletic director for the University of Alabama, but to also take a photo with him and have him sign in support of free speech.

Once we were out there speaking to real students, we quickly discovered that the most effective way to get them interested in our group was to offer them a copy of the Constitution. In the current hyper polarized atmosphere there is still a remarkably pleasant view of the constitution which helps us cut through recent controversies on our campus to make liberty win. In addition, some of our members who don’t have much knowledge about getting out there and speaking to the public gained some great experience.

Make Liberty Win,
Zachary Warren
President, Young Americans for Liberty
University of Alabama

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