Sharing Liberty at KSU

The YAL Kennesaw State chapter has officially been RSO certified for nearly one month. During this time our unit has grown exponentially. Our first tabling session on October 5th went much better than anyone ever expected! We were able to speak with dozens and dozens of individuals that were curious about the libertarian philosophy. Some did not even know what the word “libertarian” meant.

Besides simply discussing the issues of the day from a liberty-oriented point of view we were also able to create deep connections with a few individuals. We had the honor of discussing criminal justice reform with an individual who had directly felt the ramifications of today’s discriminatory justice system. On top of that we were able to speak with a desert-storm veteran who explained his disgust with the current political climate and how serious our national debt is. After about thirty seconds he figured out we were kindred spirits in regards to our displeasure. If our first tabling session went this well then I can only imagine what our unit will be able to accomplish in the future!

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