Sherrod Brown, SEIU & ACORN: It’s all in the family

Sherrod Brown is a very liberal US Senator from Ohio.  And if his collectivist voting record is not enough: his daugher is the Organizing Director of SEIU 1199 which is a kissing cousin of ACORNSEIU 1199 is a popular proving ground for liberal statists who have close ties with the upper echelons of Washington DC’s elite.  This is more than just concerning: it’s downright alarming.

Here’s the Senator drumming up emotional support from Health Care for America Now!(HCAN) which is nothing but an ACORN (Association of Community Organization for Reform Now!) front group.

Let’s look at this revealing tidbit of Sherrod’s struggle for “social justice”, a yellow canary lapelpin that he wears instead of an American flag pin:

On his lapel, he wears not an American flag, but a pin of a yellow bird in a cage. On a Thursday morning in October, as we leave his office to walk to the Capitol for a committee meeting, Brown hands me a bookmark-sized slip of paper that explains: “The canary represents the struggle for economic and social justice.” It recounts how miners once took canaries into the mines so that when the birds died, they knew the air was too toxic to breathe. “Miners were forced to provide for their own protection. No mine safety laws. No trade unions able to help. No real support from their government. … It has been a 100-year battle between the privileged and the rest of us.”

I think he might be the most liberal senator in the country– and to think he is a fairly conservative state like Ohio! If those of us on the libertarian and conservatives side in Ohio can get our acts together, there is no way this guy is going to be re-elected. 

I mean, His shenanigans are endless!

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