Should Americans Fear China?

In a new poll conducted by CNN, most Americans view China as an economic threat. However, the question is should we fear the Chinese?

Many hawkish conservatives and liberals in the media intentionally try to depict China our potential or perhaps future enemy. Maybe it is because China’s influence is growing or that China is now the second largest economy in the world. However, despite these depressing facts,the fact of the matter is that Americans should not fear China (at least I don’t think so).

As savage and cruel as some aspects of Chinese culture and government may be (i.e animal cruelty, forced abortions and a highly questionable human rights record), the country and the people should not be feared. In fact, Americans shouldn’t fear the Chinese, Americans should learn from them. Even though China is “Red,” the Chinese have become far more capitalist than communist for the past decade or so. Economic liberty is slowing creeping into China and yet our politicians say we have to fear them. As  far as production goes, the Chinese are one of the top producers in the world today; this has obviously done wonders to their economy. American politicans, however, do not want to take this as a great example and soley rely on taxation, debt and inflation.

The ugly truth is that China is to lead the world economy in 10-15 years as predicted. Again, yet our politicans refuse to learn anything from them. The only thing Americans should fear is our very own monetary policy. The “real” economic threat is our government’s economic polices that has been continuing for the past 100 years or so. 

Despite the “threat” China may seem, many Americans fail to realize that China owns a large portion of our $13 trillion dollar debt—so should we want to fight them? In fact, you can actually say that China is one of the many hands that feeds our government [at least when it comes to our debt nightmare]. With that said, according to Bloomberg, our debt is to overtake our GDP in 2012. So tell me how China is an economic threat again?

Personally, all this “China is an economic threat” nonsense from the media is just a diversion from the reality of our own monetary mess.  We have a one trillion dollar empire our politicans don’t want to give up, we have the Federal Reserve that many politicans don’t want to give up, we have the IRS, the 16th Amendment, seperation of our govervment from the market, etc–all this exlucding our debt of course!

We need to wake up. There is no better way to put it. Politicans and pundits are fooling themselves and others when they depict China as a real economic rival. If our country truly wants to compete with China and other countries [which we should], the first revolutionary thing our elected elits and politicans must do is free our economic system from the hands of our tyrannical, corporatist government. Otherwise, our future is already sold to the hands of the debt providers, be it China, Saudi Arabia or other debt providers of the world.

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