Should We Be Allowed to Sell…?

This week at the University of Virginia, we were inspired by this Learn Liberty video to get a discussion started about markets.

Set up for this was really easy. The only materials we needed were poster board, markers, and stickers–lots of them. As people passed by, we asked them to come tell us if they thought they should be able to sell their own kidney or their own blood. Over all the normal university chatter you could hear, “Do you think you should be able to sell hugs?! How about drugs?!” These sort of questions drew people in and we quickly started acquiring stickers on our board.



We watched students put the stickers on the board and asked them questions if they answered “no.” Several people said “yes,” we should be able to sell blood but “no” we should not be able to sell our own organs, so we asked what the difference was. We explained that though the government can outlaw selling organs, the market for it does not disappear. The demand is still there. People had all kinds of answers that seemed contradictory but this started great conversation.


This tabling idea was a huge success! We had dozens participate in our survey and we got over 20 new sign-ups. We also gave out several free books with mini-fliers inside containing information about our meetings. Here are our final results!


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