Show Me MO Liberty! -MSSU Spring 2016 recruiting

This is only the second semester into the new chapter here at Missouri Southern State University and it is evident that this liberty movement is here to stay. Many students found this YAL organization to be exactly what is needed here in southwest Missouri.


Students participated in a political quiz to see where they aligned on the liberty spectrum. Most discovered that they are Libertarians and didn’t even know it. With the help of a cut-out of Ron Swanson we were able to draw attention to the Young Americans for Liberty movement in a unique way.

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Many interested individuals, including veterans and members of the student Senate discussed with our members how our constitutional liberties are slowing disappearing.
As we grow as a chapter, we are highly confident as well as optimistic that there will be a reclamation of what has made the United States the land of the free, and home of the even more brave.
We are excited for the rest of the semester and spreading the message of liberty.
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