Sh*t happens: The economics version

Stand-up economist Yoram Bauman doesn’t usually swear, but it’s unavoidable in this routine (“Sh*t happens: the economics version”).

Here is a taste: “Keynesian macro:  Sh*t happens because of animal spirits. … Supply side economics: Cut taxes and get more  sh*t!” 

The world could use more thought provoking comedians like Bauman, Bill Hicks, and George Carlin (RIP). That’s one of the main reasons I started doing pro-liberty stand-up comedy recently. 

Bauman’s take on the Austrian school, “Sh*t happens because of the fractional reserve banking system” is a bit inaccurate, and a commenter was quick to critique this — he even offers a replacement punchline!:

With regard to the Austrian School reference, fractional reserve is inaccurate; most Austrians have no real problem with fractional reserve. (As long as the banks using it are subject to free market forces, i.e. no government deposit insurance.) It would be more accurate to lay blame on fiat money or to be more lay-friendly, central banking. Working even better perhaps for a punch line might be, “Gold is good sh*t.”

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