“Sh*t People Say” Contest — Liberty Themed!

There’s this meme floating around on YouTube. There’s these videos satirizing the ridiculous things people say, usually broken down by demographic. Sh*t white people saySh*t black people saySh*t rich people saySh*t hipsters saySh*t zombies say. Just a whole lot of shit. I found a lot of them pretty racist, or at least collectivist by design. I don’t usually go for that sort of humor, but then I found one that tickled my prejudices right where I like it:

Just brilliant! Best of all, completely true. Will Potter, who created the video, says it’s all based on statements the FBI has actually made in court, in the press, or to activists themselves. Being married to a civil rights attorney, I’ve heard most of these before. Green Is The New Red looks mostly liberal, but they’ve chosen a rallying cry everyone can get behind: Activism is not Terrorism. Americans allegedly have the Constitutional right to political activism, but activists on both sides of the aisle (or no aisle at all) are being targeted by the programs created to surveil terrorists.

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