Siena College Club Fair

The Young Americans for Liberty Siena College Chapter had an eventful first week on campus. The chapter is now an official club on campus, which allowed current club members to recruit new members at the Club Fair. The club set up a table, giving away YAL merchandise and goods and talked to prospective members about liberty and other common sense reforms that students from both sides of the political spectrum agreed on. Overall, the chapter was very successful in recruiting new members.


YAL’s generous supplies and merchandise helped lure wandering eyes over to the table where there was always two to three current members standing. These current members talked to students on campus about the clubs’ principles and helped new and existing students feel welcome to sign up. The majority of students who engaged with club members gave the chapter their contact information, as they were intrigued by the chapter. The chapter was able to attain over fifty new contacts, which is extremely strong for a first year chapter. The club is looking forward to meeting its new members in the near future.

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