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Katelynn and Monica

Last month, YAL at University of New Hampshire-Manchester had the opportunity to attend the first-ever theater screening of Silver Circle movie. Everyone seemed to be really excited about the movie and we were able to chat with Tom Woods and Michael Nystrom, founder of Daily Paul, who were also at the screening! First off, let me just say this film is awesome. I’m not just saying that because I’m a liberty lover, this film can be enjoyable for someone who doesn’t know much about the Federal Reserve or monetary policy. Who doesn’t like action, explosions and romance?

For those who do not know, Silver Circle is an animated film that takes place in 2019 after a severe economic collapse, when the dollar loses its place as the world’s reserve currency, the Federal Reserve steps in to “protect” the nation. As inflation has skyrocketed (prices are 20x higher than what they are today!), a group of rebels develops their own silver currency and sets out to destroy the Fed and get their freedom back.

For a full schedule of upcoming screenings and show times click here! Screenings include: Boston, MA; Los Angeles, CA; Tempe, AZ; Washington, DC; and Austin, TX.

More YAL chapters should help support Silver Circle! “When they control the money, they control everything…” Let’s End The Fed!

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